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“The WSF Global Equity Fund , which has employed our core disciplined investment strategy since inception in 2010, currently holds a 4 star, 5 year rating from Morningstar.”

About Us

Cogent Asset Management Ltd, a specialist Fund Management boutique, was launched by Citywire AAA rated manager Ian Lancaster and Paul Bethell in September 2013.

Utilising a proprietary quantitative strategy, Cogent manages public equity Funds including Islamic Global Equity, Global Equity, China Equity, Islamic SE Asia Equity and ASEAN Equity. In addition, Cogent manages a range of European regulated specialist investment vehicles and structured products which provide investors access to income producing assets.

Cogent has an excellent track-record of generating superior investment returns for clients, with an emphasis on risk management and transparency. Funds managed by the team have received top ratings from Citywire, S&P and Morningstar.

cogent1cogent2 Cogent Asset Management Weekly Economic Commentary As At 4th June 2021 cogent3cogent4

In the United States

It was reported that the annual inflation rate in the US increased to 5% in May of 2021 from 4.2% in April. It is the highest data point since August of 2008. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the economy hard, with rising consumer demand as the economy reopens, soaring commodity prices, supply constraints, and higher wages as companies faced with a labour shortage.

In Europe

During its June meeting, the European Central Bank left monetary policy unchanged. The bank helped the speed of bond-buying earlier this year, but a recent fall in borrowing costs in the Euro Area raised expectations that policymakers might start considering to slow the pace of purchases.

In Japan

Data showed that the NIKKEI 225 increased to 29010.6 on Friday, extending gains of 0.3% in the previous session, tracking US equities higher following the release of a closely watched US inflation report. The Japanese government decided Thursday to lift the COVID-19 quasi-state of emergency in three prefectures after this weekend, as infections steadily decline and the strain on hospitals eased.


Ian Lancaster, ASIP IFQ MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer

Ian has 30 years experience of Fund Management, successfully investing long-only and absolute return equity funds for global institutions such as Reliance, AXA, General Accident and Aviva.

Paul Bethell, CFA

Research Director

Paul has 20 years experience as an equity analyst, strategist and fund manager, having worked for Reliance, Gulf Finance House and Insinger de Beaufort.


Joe Henry Obit, Assoc. Prof. Dr

Lead Consultant, Artificial Intelligence techniques within Investment Management

Dr Joe is an Associate Professor of Computer Science, Department of Data Science at University Malaysia Sabah. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Artificial Intelligence models. Practical applications have included addressing a wide range of real-world combinatorial optimization problems. Joe obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, UK. His PhD thesis designed a novel form of Meta-heuristic, Hyper-heuristic and Cooperative Search.


Kuan Yik Junn, PhD

Consultant, Artificial Intelligence techniques within Investment Management

Dr Kuan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science, Department of Data Science at University Malaysia Sabah. His PhD thesis designed a novel process for solving complex combinatorial optimization problems.


June Profile Website1

Tan Li June, MSc

Investment Analyst

June has responsibility for developing database management systems and quantitative asset management architecture. Her M.Sc. thesis employed fuzzy logic algorithms within decision making outcomes. She leads the team in the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques within investment management.

Amos Peter, MSc

Investment Analyst

Amos has responsibility for the top performing Shariah-compliant Funds. He oversees IT platforms and assists in the development and maintenance of the quantitative investment management architecture.

Tan Sun Qie, BSc

Investment Analyst

Sunny has responsibility for Luxembourg domiciled Funds and Saudi Arabian equity research. In addition he assists in the development and maintenance of the quantitative investment management architecture.

Licensed activities

Management Services

  • Acting or offering to act as portfolio manager of a portfolio of securities on behalf of clients.
  • Managing activities in the acquisition or disposal of a portfolio of securities.
  • Managing clients’ discretionary accounts including Labuan Private Funds.

Investment Advice

  • Conducting securities analysis and making investment recommendations based on client’s investment objectives and financial situation.
  • Providing advice concerning securities including the issuance of research report and analysis.
  • Providing consultancy and advisory services relating to corporate finance and financial planning for corporate clients.

Administrative Services

  • Making submissions on behalf of clients to Labuan FSA in respect of securities including any other reporting requirements.
  • Issuing documents which are deemed to be a prospectus under the LFSSA/LIFSSA and the LCA.

Dealing in securities

  • Quoting two way prices and dealing in securities.
  • Arranging for the sale or purchase of securities including those that are not listed on a stock market, issued by, belonging to or on behalf of clients.
  • Underwriting of securities and placement out of such underwritten securities.
  • Other dealing in securities as permitted under section 2 of LFSSA/LIFSSA.


- Investment Advisor to WSF Global Equity Fund - Morningstar 4 STAR RATED.

- NOMINATED for Asset Management Company of the Year, South East Asia 2020 by Global Banking and Finance Review.

- Investment Advisor to WSF Global Equity Fund, Award Winning Islamic Global Equity Fund.

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